About Us

The who, the why, the how

Wrappli has been formed with an exciting passionate team of entrepreneurial thinkers.

Fiona and Suraj met at a startup event in March 2016 and were discussing the ever growing costs of owning a car in Australia. They wanted to find a way for drivers to mitigate vehicle costs without changing the way they drive – and so Wrappli was born!

Outdoor advertisers also require greater feedback and metrics for their campaigns. Wrappli connects both parties with a powerful AdTech platform that provides improved campaign transparency to advertisers whilst enabling every day Aussie drivers to seamlessly earn extra income.

Fi’s advertising background and Suraj’s technology start up experience is the perfect combination of Founder skill sets to nurture Wrappli as a novel and fun way to challenge traditional outdoor advertising!

The Management Team

Suraj Vaghjiani
CEO & Co-founder

Suraj has a rich background of entrepreneurialism, with his passions revolving around technology and marketing.

Fiona Aaron
Co-Founder & VP of Sales

Fiona has had a sales career over the last ten years in print, online, radio advertising and financial products.

Allan Aaron

Allan has been involved in high-growth businesses for the past 23 years, three of which were spent in Silicon Valley in the USA.

Khimji Vaghjiani

Dr Khimji Vaghjiani, has 28 years of experience in technology commercialisation, across banking, telecommunications, defence and government.

The Fully Fledged Grad Team



●  Erez Rachamim – Business Planning/Finance

●  Kritika Joon – Technology Development

●  Neil Kulkarni – Marketing

●  Irene Colomer – Graphic Design

●  Akinyemi (Kike) Kikelomo – Finance and Contractual