Frequently Asked Questions

Wrappli is an exciting way for Aussie drivers to earn some extra income while going about their daily commutes. Drivers get their cars wrapped in advertising campaigns and earn money while they drive around; whether going to work, shopping centre or even a mate’s house.
To qualify as a Wrappli driver, you must:
  • hold an Australian Full Driver’s license
  • have a clean driving and criminal record
  • currently own or lease a 2008 or newer vehicle in clean and damage free condition.
The following vehicle types qualify for Wrappli campaigns:
  • Four Door Sedan
  • Hatchback
  • Coupe
  • Convertible
  • Mini-Van
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Station Wagon
  • UTE
We don’t wrap the following vehicle types -
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • RV/Motorhomes
  • Commercial Vans
  • VW Beetles
  • Freight Vehicles
To become a part of the Wrappli community:
  1. Download the Wrappli app, available on the Apple App Store (Android version to be ready mid 2017)
  2. Register your details with us
  3. After logging in your first100kms, we’ll match your daily commute habits to campaigns we have on board.
There are no costs associated to become a Wrappli driver. However, it is essential to get your car washed the night before the wrap installation appointment. Drivers are expected to show up on time for the wrapping appointment.
Unfortunately, no. Every Wrappli driver is linked to only one vehicle. If your family member or friend wants to become a Wrappli driver, they would need to create their own Wrappli driver account and register it to their own car.
No. Wrappli drivers can only be linked to one vehicle
Unfortunately, drivers are not guaranteed to be offered campaigns. The campaign availability depends on the number of active campaigns with Wrappli and the driver’s daily commute habits.
It depends on the number of active campaigns with Wrappli and any specific driving requirements of the campaign. We do try very hard to match drivers appropriately so our drivers can get the most benefit from the campaign!
You can reach out to us at info@wrappli.com.au or drop us a message on our Facebook page at facebook.com/wrappli.
Wrappli drivers can earn up to $600 a month (more realistically to be between $300-$400 per month) as it depends factors like:
  • Wrap Coverage Options - A fully wrapped vehicle earns more than a partially wrapped or a panel wrapped vehicle. The available wrapping coverage options depends on the brands and the options offered by each campaign. Drivers can see these options and accept or decline via the Wrappli mobile app
  • KM Caps - Different campaigns will have different daily KM caps. Every campaign will have a daily cap displayed in the campaign details in the app. Default cap is 30 kilometres per day
  • Time of Day and Car’s Location - Wrappli pays the drivers on a per KM basis, in combination with other factors like peak hour traffic hours, heavy traffic areas and other factors affecting visibility. For example, driving at night will reduce pay rates.
The drivers are paid via direct deposit on a monthly basis, details will be displayed on the app.
Yes, Drivers are independent contractors and receive a 1099 for tax purposes. No health insurance. No sparkly water or Christmas party. But you’ll get paid.
Campaign offers will come through on your phone app. You will be able to see the brand, length of campaign, start date and type of wrapping and choose whether you want to accept/decline. If you haven’t received a campaign offer yet, know that we are trying and we will match you with a campaign as soon as something relevant to your driving activity is available.
The length of a advertising campaign will usually be between 3-12 months.
A full wrap takes roughly about 6-8 hours and a partial wrap can take anywhere between 3-5 hours depending on the type of car. Once you accept a campaign we will work out the logistics of getting your car to the nearest wrapping station.
At the moment you will not be able to get your car wrapped on the weekends, however once you've accepted the campaign we can organise times with the wrapping partner that suit both you and them for wrapping.
Wrappli ensures our partners use only the finest vinyl wraps for our campaigns. The wrapping actually protects the car paint and as long as our process is followed for removal, it ensures that the vinyl comes off easily without leaving any marks. Please note that if your car has any damage or rust to the paint or if you’ve had it repainted since purchasing it new that the paint can come off during wrap removal. It doesn’t mean we can’t wrap it, but we need you to be aware of the added risk you are taking in participating.
To ensure that the app is logging your first 100km’s correctly, please check:
  • The location services are enabled on your phone
  • You are using a supported device
  • Check and turn on the Bluetooth services
  • Check if the beacon is connected properly to the app. If not, then please try reconnecting
To ensure that the app is logging your earnings correctly, please make sure:
  • The app is on; Bluetooth and location services are enabled.
  • The beacon is connected to the app.
If after doing both these things you still don’t see your earnings getting reflected, then please contact Wrappli Driver Support at info@wrappli.com.au
No, Wrappli doesn’t support tablets. Only drivers with iPhones 5 and onwards are currently eligible. If you are an Android smartphone user, don’t worry, we’ll be launching our Android app later this year.
If you drive out of the coverage area you will get paid a lower rate and not as much as you would inside the coverage area. Once you reach the daily KM cap, your earnings will stop for that day.