Make money
with your car!

Wrappli will pay you to advertise on your private vehicle.

Earn up to $600/mo!

  • No set up costs

  • No changes to your driving habits

  • Extra cash in your back pocket


Wrappli pays you to put advertising on your car.

Once you get your car wrapped and start driving, we'll pay you each month based on how, when and where you drive!


How much can I make?

  • $200 Per Month

    Back window or decal wraps

  • $350 Per Month

    Partial Wrap

  • $600 Per Month

    Full Wrap

How does it work?

  • Background checks

    You'll need to have a clean driving history, and no criminal record.

  • Your car

    Your car needs to be fully registered, younger than 8 years, and in good condition.

  • Wrapping and Tracking

    Drive your car to one of our wrapping stations to install the ads, and have your tracker installed. This takes about 4 hours.

  • Get invited to exciting ad campaigns

    Based on your driving habits, we'll invite you to awesome ad campaigns

  • Start driving

    One your car's wrapped continue on driving as per usual! The Wrappli app will automatically track your kilometers, no need to make any manual entries.

  • Monthly payment

    We'll pay you monthly based on where you drove and how far!


What are other drivers saying about Wrappli?


Shereen Aaron

CEO & Founder, Air N Travel

“It’s like a moving billboard - you're getting an enormous number of impressions and it’s a unique form of advertising targeted geographically to our customer base.
We found the process hassle free and the Wrappli team were great to work with. We were able to start with a smaller campaign spend and scale from there."


Simon Penhaligon

Managing Partner, Drive On Finance

"We wanted to live our brand and take Drive On directly into the lives of our customers.
Wrappli proved to be the perfect partner, combining the benefits of traditional outdoor media with the analytics and hard data of our digital strategies.
Their unique approach allowed us to turn a traditionally awareness based medium into a tactical add-on to our lead generation strategy."


Get started now!

Simply download our iOS app to get started as a driver for Wrappli!



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